The most recent tactics, techniques, and procedures for hostage rescue operations, as well as related abilities in a CQB setting, are covered in the Academi Tactical Solution Hostage Rescue training. Tactical teams must be trained in advanced CQB tactics, techniques, and procedures as well as the advanced integration and application of specialised capabilities and equipment to conduct successful operations in complicated situations in order to be ready to respond to a terrorist threat.


Academi Tactical Solution our night vision operator training courses are designed to instruct and certify staff in the use of ground-based image intensification visual augmentation devices and targeting. This training programme has been designed to provide learners their first introduction to the setup and tactical use of image-intensified night vision goggles and infrared targeting lasers. This course will include both in-class lectures and day- and night-time live-fire combat shooting.


In order to concentrate on certain competencies and learning objectives in combat shooting, Academi Tactical Solution offers  specialized training sessions. Our one-on-one training sessions give students the opportunity to benefit from personalized instruction to improve their performance in all facets of shooting. For groups of friends or businesses interested in improving performance through group training, our group training programs are ideal. On request, programs can be modified to meet the needs of the group.


four-hour clinic. covers the use of a full-sized to compact-sized pistol for defensive purposes while placing a major focus on the fundamentals of pistol handling.

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