About Us

We Want to Help You!

Our goal is to give our students the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.  Our instructors are highly trained and use a student-centric approach to help you get the most out of your lesson.  Whether you’re looking to compete at a higher level, or protect your loved ones, we can help!


Advanced training options are offered by Academi Tactical Solutions, which are continually tested in dynamic, multidimensional, and complex threat settings by operationally engaged law enforcement and military personnel. Academi Tactical Solution System makes constant use of real-world experiences to ensure that students are employing cutting-edge techniques and tactics regardless of the context in which they operate. Military, government, and law enforcement professionals around the world have used and validated Academi Tactical Solution Systems, which are innovative yet repeatable and teachable approaches, in high-threat contexts.

Why Choose Us

Expert Instructors:

Our  instructors are highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated to providing top-notch training. Each instructor is certified and has a wealth of knowledge in firearm safety, marksmanship, and self-defense techniques. Their expertise ensures that you receive the best possible training, tailored to your skill level and goals.

Emphasis on Safety:

Safety is our utmost priority. We maintain strict safety protocols and ensure that all participants are well-versed in firearm safety practices. Our instructors place a strong emphasis on safe gun handling, storage, and transportation. You can feel confident that our training will empower you to handle firearms responsibly and safely.

Comprehensive Training Programs:

We offer a wide range of comprehensive training programs designed to cater to individuals of all experience levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an advanced shooter seeking to enhance your skills, we have the right program for you.

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